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  About us

     HuBei XianLong Chemical Industry Co.,LTD. has experienced fast development in pesticide industry since it was established in 1958; we became a stock company in 2000. As a hi-tech enterprise with regulator management system, experienced technicians, complete facilities, leading inspection facilities and complete product groups,   Xianlong is one of top-50 pesticide manufacturers of China, appointed pesticide manufacturers of former chemical ministry and key pesticide manufacturers of Hubei province. We now are a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the research, development, and trade of chemicals; our trademark “Xiantao” is a famous brand of Hubei province.

        As an ISO9001 approved enterprise, Xianlong establishes enterprise technological center of Hubei province and “Hubei pesticide engineering research center” with Central China Teachers University. Xianlong is an honored enterprise now, our honors including “clean and good factory”, “trustable enterprise”, “top-500 example foreign trade enterprises in China for good credit system” and “AAA credit-ranked enterprise in the pesticide industry of China”, etc. Our “Xiantao” products now are well sold in all the places of China, EU, USA, Southeast Asia and The Middle East, etc, and customers are highly satisfied with our products.

       Xianlong commits to developing high-efficient and low toxic chemical pesticides, biological pesticides, pharmaceutical intermediates, dye intermediates and other fine chemicals. Up to now, we have founded 12 production lines of pesticide TECH products.

Sticking to such working spirit of “Make it, does it well” and management idea of “be saving, practical, harmonious and fluent”, Xianlong is working hard to “producing quality pesticides and establishing a famous brand with a century history”!

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